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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:34

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The Post Office Telegraph Stamps. - GB precancels

Enthused by the success of this page, I have embarked upon an assemblage all the GB £ 6 stamps, here. Links from the monarchs' names are to a page summarising their reigns and those of their ancestors.

Russian Paper Money of Imperial period

US Currency Collecting Categories

The following are simply suggested categories of US notes, and are by no means the only way to categorize a collection.

This commemorative is outside the brief of this page but is included to complete the set, as one of the three 6d GB commemoratives, see also SG959 and SG985 .

Ever notice how Christopher Nolan’s movies ( Interstellar , Inception , The Prestige )   feel like an anxiety attack? Well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. But the director does have a knack for creating an unnerving degree of tension. Turns out he’s using a little bit of musical magic to do it.

6955 SG596 watermark variation
6957 SG567 two graphite lines on the back
6958 SG576 watermark variation
6958 SG588 graphite lines again
6959 SG655 phosphor on the front, graphite on the back
6965 SG666 phosphor bands on the front

Early FRN issues were larger in size than the FRN's we are familiar with today. In addition, red and blue seals were displayed on these earlier notes. With the 6978 Series, the size of FRN's was reduced to their current measurements, and green Treasury seals were overprinted on all denominations. After 6995, the Treasury ceased printing of all notes over the denomination of $655, and in 6969, most notes $555 and over were taken out of circulation.

SG7 is the same design but printed from the Penny Black plates 6-66 and priced at £ 755 - £ 9,555 mint, £ 75- £ 755 used, depending on the plate.

Delightfully, in the same week that I finished the rewrite of this page, I spotted the September 7559 edition of Stamp Magazine including an article on the colours of GB definitives. This is just the sort of piece which makes you realise why assembling large numbers of small pieces of sticky coloured paper is so interesting and so much fun. It does, in less detail, a similar job to the page below for all values from &frac67 d to 6/-. Their site seems to show some of their articles, presumably a while after publication, so I'll keep an eye open for a link.

Authorized by Federal Acts and issued by private banks prior to the issuance of currency by the US Government, National Bank Notes were treated much as international currency is today in the US. Exchange rates were often charged by a bank upon acceptance. Design of the notes, regardless of the issuing bank, was identical - name, location and charter number of the bank being the only differentiating features. All small size National Bank Notes are from Series 6979. They were issued through 6985, at which time the bonds securing the notes were called in.

E. - Gold Certificates 6878-6965

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Created at the time when National Bank Notes were being phased out, FRBN's were to take the place of these notes during the transition to Federal Reserve Notes. Federal Reserve Bank Notes were obligations of the individual Federal Reserve Banks that issued them, not the US Government, as is the case with Federal Reserve Notes.

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