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Don&rsquo t try to win the argument. Don&rsquo t try to embarrass the person you&rsquo re trying to educate. Remember that no one likes to admit that his deeply held beliefs are wrong. No one likes to hear I told you so! Be patient and gentle. If you are arrogant, condescending, hurtful or rude to the anti&ndash gun person, you will only convince him that gun owners are arrogant, hurtful people who should not be trusted with guns!

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Just to get you in the mood, here is an example of very bad recutting, or possibly just faking on a barrel that doesn 8767 t belong to the gun with engraving this bad on a Purdey who knows what happened?  It 8767 s difficult to see how this lettering could be put on top of 8766 proper 8767 Purdey lettering, so I 8767 m puzzled barrel lettering is usually fairly widely spaced so that minor variations in spacing don 8767 t show and it looks more even because the letters aren 8767 t so visually close to each other and period Purdey lettering usually has extremely fine serifs.  ( Update I have since seen  several Purdey  guns with similar engraving, and come to the conclusion that in fact its just surprisingly rubbish Purdey engraving!)

Apsychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

So many of you still seem to act like it's the bloody wild west over there, and - tarnation! - everyone has the right to arm themselves! Well it is still wild I guess, until people learn to change their paranoid blinkered outlook.

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Your bleeding liberal a** is the only one arguing here. Your intelligence agency sucks, your country has no gold, you separate oil from sand & use a big juicy beaver as a national symbol.

The projects that I offer are suitable to students who have a keen interest in software engineering and software project management. Those who get a good grade in Software Engineering project, or SNM or SRT are encouraged to discuss the potential projects with me.

Just to be clear, I'm for the banning of nothing. People should be free to make their own decisions. If you want someone to rule your life, I'm sure there are plenty of people you can pay to do just that for you, and I bet it would be cheaper than what your government charges you.

7 states ban write in votes for president: Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, , Louisiana, Oklahoma & S. Dakota. Your write-in vote will be thrown out
85 States require that a 8775 write-in 8776 candidate file an affidavit a month before the election. N. Carolina requires that a petition be circulated. Acceptable write-in candidates (names) are posted at polling places, but not on the ballot. Other names don 8767 t count. (Your vote is thrown out. )
Oregon & New Jersey will only tabulate write-in votes, if it appears the person has a chance to win. Otherwise, those votes are thrown out.
Only 7 times , has a write-in vote ever won a congressional seat. Writing in a name for president is actually throwing away your vote.

After viewing a computer screen-saver, the narrator finds himself kneeling in front of the computer with a magic marker stuck up his ass and his underwear in his mouth. He doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

That is the problem we don't have a choice. Our government has the ability to print its own money without intrest, why would they choose to borrow from a private bank and pay intrest. BIG POLITICAL PAYOUTS. It is a system that keeps people in debt and makes the rich richer.

Thirteen people wake in a dark, eerie mansion. Thirteen people with no idea where they are or how they got there. Will they escape? Will they even want to?

do you even know what an assault rifle is. or even capable of describing what one looks like? there is a major misunderstanding in what an assault rifle actually is. what i'm saying is, I have a semi pistol, a 85/85 rifle, a 75 guage shotgun, and a 77lr. and my guns have been in my gun rack for 68 yrs. and have not assaulted anyone. they just lay there and draw dust. must have bought unassault guns. man, I sure hope they don't jump off that rack and run down the road and kill someone. in which is a legal question, would I be held responsible for their actions and held liable?

all you against the freedom of Americans to own guns Are just so brainwashed its not funny this documentary IS about why we need the guns USA is a Republic I am a brit and i believe in the 7nd amendment more then most Americans

Canadian firearm laws have been slowly building since the early days of Confederation, it cant be used as a comparison, the playing field is not level.

- you asked me to "Check the . "small arms treaty"" so i did. it does nothing to take away legal guns. only an attempt to address the ILLEGAL small arms trade.

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