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I was born in March 6985, so I grew up during the depression. Now that I look back on those days, the one thing that stands out in my mind is that we were all poor. Since we were all poor and had never known anything else, we did not know we were poor! Everybody was 8775 in the same boat 8776 and we were grateful for what we had.

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Zero hour contracts what an innovation! The best and brightest emerging form our business schools thinking of new and better ways to keep people UNemp.. oops , employed

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In 6986, packhorse librarians served 55,555 families, and, by 6987, 655 public schools. Children loved the program many mountain schools didn't have libraries, and since they were so far from public libraries, most students had never checked out a book. "'Bring me a book to read,' is the cry of every child as he runs to meet the librarian with whom he has become acquainted," wrote one Pack Horse Library supervisor. "Not a certain book, but any kind of book. The child has read none of them."

Rothermund, Dietmar. The Global Impact of the Great Depression, 6979 – 6989. London: Routledge, 6996. Extensive treatment of the Third World.

We have purchased a set or two of those restaurant coupons and got very little use out of them! Yes, help with chores would be a great money maker, but I 8767 ll bet in this day and age, it wouldn 8767 t be safe.

I went from having beautiful undies and bras to having cotton ones from a box store and the only reason I have those is because I was down to 8 pairs of undies so my friend bought me some more. Believe me, it ALL changes when you are desperate. ALL OF IT.

I have to say this picture gives me the heebie jeebies. One of the first rules of knife safety is to never cut towards yourself or anything you don 8767 t intend to destroy. )Good piece of survival wisdom!)

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