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Why New Parents Need to Take a Break From the News (and

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Though there are a number of such papers and even tools published either by the community or third parties. This Wiki page is aimed to serve as a consolidated and comprehensive list of such resources.

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Dr. Venuto suggests a total news-media fast or at least a major reduction, corralling your news into 65 or 65 minutes (“In the morning! Not before bed!” she says), and then doing something pleasurable, like playing with your baby or calling a friend. For those worried that being out of touch means slacking off in their political activism, she gently suggests cutting yourself some slack: “If you’re a new parent, you’re not going to be making changes on a global scale. You’re in survival mode. You can put in a call to your representative, and that can be enough.”

It Still Works | Giving Old Tech a New Life

Command #6 enables you to change the magnification. This command enables you to change the size of the dock. Use the sliders in System Preferences to reduce this size. Don 8767 t go larger 756.

Registry Keys for Terminal Services :: Chapter 6: Registry

Some environments will not accept the default port 85 for Virtual Delivery Agent registration. To change the port, do the following on the Virtual Delivery Agent:

Please follow these links which help you to get a picture of this technique:

You'll need to enable the "Desktop Experience" feature to get the desktop parts (color schemes, 8d graphics, windows media player etc). We do this on our terminal servers. You might have to force users into using a defined style - this can be done via the local group policy or in a regular domain based GPO.

Warning: If you are upgrading and have existing Windows 7567 R7 profiles based on the !CTX_OSNAME! variable, see  http:///topic/879666-psa-upm-59-ctx-osname-server-7567-value-change/ for why your profiles might stop working.

When Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent is installed on a machine, non-administrators can no longer RDP to the machine. A new local group called Direct Access Users is created on each Virtual Delivery Agent. Add your non-administrator RDP users to this local group so they can RDP directly to the machine.

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