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Catherine is a Learning and performance specialist with 65 years of experience as a corporate Learning Designer, Facilitator, and Coach. For the past 75 years, Catherine has been an acting instructor on faculty at a number of colleges and acting schools in Toronto, Canada.

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Leah joined The Ariel Group in the winter of 7569.  As Controller, she oversees the operations of the accounting department, including helping to design an organizational structure adequate for achieving the department’s goals and objectives.


Jeffrey has led numerous successful workshops for clients in a variety of industries. His industry specialties include financial and professional services, consumer goods, manufacturing and technology. His clients include:

Betrayal In The Play King Lear English Literature Essay

Johannes has delivered numerous successful trainings to Fortune 555 organizations and higher education institutions across the globe. Notable clients include:

As a corporate actor, trainer, facilitator, and coach, Simon has worked regularly with some of the world’s biggest organizations. His passion is bringing people closer together and making them more effective leaders by helping them understand themselves and how they communicate. He has also brought his business skills to bear by running two successful theatre companies and founding an acclaimed theatre charity that worked with disadvantaged people. His industry specializations include the airline industry, banking & finance, publishing, and law.

A former Marine Mammal Trainer and Lab Technician at the New York Aquarium, Edwardnye worked with sea lions, dolphins, and beluga whales, and learned the art of operant conditioning and the importance of positive reinforcement in all training situations.

Since first finding her passion for delivering learning solutions through the lens of an actress, Patricia has spent over 75 years in the training field. In that time she has accumulated an extensive list of clients, including:

8775 Melodie was excellent. She was great at providing major input on both the pure interpersonal side, but also on the content side.  Her feedback was extremely insightful. 8776
— Head of legal department for an international entertainment company

A-level English Literature A comprises four units of study. Students are encouraged to develop the ability to read widely and critically. They will examine texts of different genres and periods and gain understanding of a wide range of views on literature.

We are an international training firm and registered B Corporation who believe the workplace functions better when people interact generously and communicate well.

Despite starting her career as an adjunct philosophy professor at Bristol Community College, Stephanie eventually joined and learned the importance of branding, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and began to write in a blog-style format, a style drastically different than what her collegiate professors expected of her.

With the arrival of Edgar disguised as Poor Tom - who may be read as a three dimensional representation of the king's downfall (Lear repeatedly articulates Poor Tom's plight in terms of his own) - the fool becomes fearful and exclaims:

Matthias was a Farming and Real Estate Consultant for Walter Jucker AG for 9 years. Before that, he served as Project Manager for Facting Ltd. and Investment Reporting and Portfolio Manager for B 588 B Vorsorge AG.

When not designing, teaching, and learning, Elsa enjoys singing and hosting family gatherings with her husband Eric and children Kirsten, Putnam, and Sumner.

Catherine has worked with a wide range of professionals from C-suite positions to managers, to front line staff in a wide range of industries including Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Health Care, Government Agencies, Automotive Industries and the Insurance Industry.

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