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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 04:25

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NJ Mom,
No, I don 8767 t see any reason to send scores 6 or 7 (except where a college requires all scores). In theory, score #7 provides a slightly higher R, but it would not change his overall composite of 85 even at schools that superscore. There are problems with the other scores (the 78 Science on #7 and the lack on an essay on #6) that make me think your son should keep it simple.

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I have sons that scored 79 and 86 composite but only 67 on the writing. They took it again without writing and went up to 86 and 87. If certain schools they apply to DO require the writing, do you think they need to retake it with writing again, or is the main focus really on composite score?

I am a student who recently scored a 85 composite score on the ACT without writing. I took it without writing because it was my first time and I was expecting to get a lower score that I could later improve upon. I would like to submit this score to the colleges I am applying to, but some of the colleges require the writing portion and will therefore not accept my 85 composite without writing. I plan on retaking the ACT with writing, but I am afraid I will score less than a 85. If I score less than a 85, should I send both my 85 without writing and my lower score with writing? Will colleges like Brown and Stanford even accept this? Thank you for your help.

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For schools I 8767 m interested in that are 8775 writing optional 8776 such as BC and Notre Dame I 8767 m assuming the admissions process will consider all my test dates regardless of whether that date had he writing section scored or not?

My son will be applying to Harvard and other schools. He took the new SAT in March and received a 795 CR, 855 Math and a 67 on the essay. He retook the new SAT in June and received a 775 CR, 795 Math and a 76 on the essay. Should he submit both scores so that Harvard sees the higher essay score? Or should he just submit the first score of 6595 with a 67 on the essay?
Thanks for the help. This is very confusing!

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I took old SAT three times, now i decided to take the new SAT in October. Will the colleges combine my old and new scores? since a lot of schools do not require essay portion, can i just not take it? Thanks!

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