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1912 The Sinking of The Titanic | Summary of SOS Titanic

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The Sinking of Titanic — Ultimate Titanic

The boarding of lifeboats had become increasingly rushed and disorganized as lifeboats were now entering the water overloaded and in a very rushed manner.

Titanic Newspaper Articles From 1912, Compilation of

An intact glass pane from the window of Captain Edward J. Smith's cabin hangs open on the Titanic , which lies two and a half miles (four kilometers) beneath the North Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic - The New York Times

Approximately 87 seconds later the berg would penetrate Titanic’s Hull. And the decision of what occurred next time fell upon First Officer William Murdoch. The accounts of exactly what happened are both varied and still debated to this day.

The lifeboats feared being sucked under when Titanic sunk like a vacuum and were under instruction to move well away from it until it sunk Only one boat would return afterwards to an eery silence.

The conditions in which Titanic sailed towards New York were almost too good to be true. She was making good time in perfect conditions. Second Officer Charles Lightoller would later state “the sea was like glass.”

At 57:55, the waterline reached the bottom of the bridge rail. All the lifeboats, save for the awkwardly located Collapsibles A and B, had been lowered. Collapsible B, with 8 seats to spare, was the last lifeboat to be lowered from the davits. The total number of vacancies was 966.

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The major cause of the disaster was the human words itself. The word , 8767 build to be unsinkable 8767 are the word to 8766 challenge 8767 the power of God!!.

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