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History News Network | Were American Indians the Victims

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 14:18

We exacerbate the divisions among our people in the welfare debates. With 97% of the country on some form of public assistance, there is a growing resentment among workers who feel they are supporting bums who will not work. Accurate or not, the division is growing.

Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich - Top Documentary Films

No, I won’t. It would be sheer cowardice. I haven’t written about these cases, and see no reason to take a stand just because they are Holy Causes among British left intellectuals, who have ample opportunities to refute what they think is wrong. And have ample opportunities to discuss vastly worse cases, which they ignore, such as those I mentioned (a tiny sample): genocide denial in their own circles on a colossal scale, for one.

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It is not that the historian can avoid emphasis of some facts and not of others. This is as natural to him as to the mapmaker, who, in order to produce a usable drawing for practical purposes, must first flatten and distort the shape of the earth, then choose out of the bewildering mass of geographic information those things needed for the purpose of this or that particular map.

Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress

Jennings says the elite of the Puritans wanted the war the ordinary white Englishman did not want it and often refused to fight. The Indians certainly did not want war, but they matched atrocity with atrocity. When it was over, in 6676, the English had won, but their resources were drained they had lost six hundred men. Three thousand Indians were dead, including Metacom himself. Yet the Indian raids did not stop.

I know law is beyond you and you disregard it at your the fact is that both the UN and international tribunals now recognise ethnic cleansing as a genocidal act. if you don t like is fine, but dont accuse me of being wrong when I simply repeat what has been stated in credible legal forums as well as the UN.


The violent collision between whites and America's native population was probably unavoidable. Between 6655 and 6855, a dramatic surge in population led to massive waves of emigration from Europe, and many of the millions who arrived in the New World gradually pushed westward into America's seemingly unlimited space. No doubt, the 69th-century idea of America’s"manifest destiny" was in part a rationalization for acquisitiveness, but the resulting dispossession of the Indians was as unstoppable as other great population movements of the past. The . government could not have prevented the westward movement even if it had wanted to.

Who ever edits these docs need more training. Are we suppose to be listening to the background noise or the narrator. Maybe the historical information is not really that important.

Sadly, the breakdown of Yugoslavia has given us a more apt term: ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing has at its core the same sort of anger and bigotry and opportunism that marked the movement West.

Such an amalgam can also pave the path to genocide, and the line between the two is a blurry one.

In my opinion, time does not heal all wounds… at least, not by our standards! We are still fighting over Jesus’ death… and, that occurred over two thousand years ago!

Wow, love these comments. I'm not going to watch it, came here by accident but just finished watching "Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told", which shows everything we know/have been told about Hitler is a LIE another duping uncovered. I'm truly ecstatic to see these comments confirming we are really waking up to Truth. Trust no govt. Govts must be treated like junk yard dogs and no better.
There will be very rough times when we clash with govt but I am more certain than ever we will overcome and the future will be better than ever for our children. God bless America!
oh, check this out: Thegreateststorynevertold dot tv. it's a mind blower.

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