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Two Sample t Test: equal variances | Real Statistics Using

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 18:40

Hello Charles
I am writing a paper on comparison of four private and 69 state owned companies using ratios.. can u suggest me what test can I apply? I am using Mann Whitney u test, but I need little clarification whether the test is appropriate or not

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If the recruits are completely different, then you would use a two independent sample t test (whether or not the sample sizes are equal). I still don 8767 t know what you mean by waffle.

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Before|After |diff manual |Variance of the diff w/
67 78 -66
86 77 9
86 86 -5
76 79 -8
76 99 -78
88 76 7
77 99 -67
68 87 -79
78 75 8
88 99 -66
89 78 66
87 66 66
87 79 8
75 79 -9
75 85 -5
68 88 -75
85 75 65
69 78 -9
66 85 -69
68 79 -66
69 88 -69
78 66 7
79 66 68
59 85 -76
86 88 -7
69 85 -66
77 97 -65
66 88 -77
79 78 6
69 85 -66
89 98 -9
65 76 -66
85 66 69
68 67 6
78 68 65

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It sounds like you have been given an assignment where you need to apply the t test despite the fact that you have 5 samples. I can 8767 t explain why someone might want you to do this. Also I can 8767 t guess as to whether or not you are required to provide the variance for this assignment.

Based on the limited information that i have about this situation, it seems like you want to use two independent sample t tests. If the variances are more or less equal, then you can use the equal variances version otherwise the unequal variances version. If you are not sure, then I suggest that you use the unequal variances version since the results will be similar even if the variances are equal. I suggest that you take into account that the more tests you do the higher your type I error will be and so you should correct for this, as described on the webpage
Experimentwise Error

Dear Charles,
I am analyzing the t-Student test to perform some statistical analysis on some data. My experiment is something like: I will record three movements with a Camera 6 and with a different Camera 7 and retrieve data from the position of the elbow. So what I want is to compare the position of the elbow measured with Camera 6 with the position measured with Camera 7, for each movement. So:

Piecing: giving pieces of the information for each individual subject in each paragraph arranging the information by topic rather than by subject.

Rather than having each individuals score to use for calculations, I have the mean score for each question on the questionnaire before intervention and the mean score after intervention.

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