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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 00:07

Sociological causes of prejudice can take many forms They range from the natural process of a child learning the norms of a society into which she is born to economic and religious causes or fear of threats, imagined or real.

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Prejudice obscures the complexity of the human experience because the person with prejudices simplifies the diversity of life found in a single society or throughout the world. A major misleading notion of prejudice is that members of a group considered a minority in some way are also majorities in other ways. They may actually share more similarities than differences with the dominant group. These simplified prejudgments of people lead to the formation of stereotypes. Stereotypes are largely taught through the socialization process by family, schools, and media such as books, television, and newspapers.

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Imagined threats often also involve threats to closely held social values, symbols, traditions, or viewpoints, such as the redefinition of marriage by gay activists or burning of the American flag by protestors. Though those threats may only be imagined they still lead to prejudice, especially if some level of anxiety (fearful of some possible event) already exists. Such anxiety can result from previous interaction involving conflict, from stereotypes already established in people's minds, from very different levels of social or economic status between the groups, and from competition over natural resources. Anxiety often causes people to oversimplify a situation, such as increasing use of stereotypes, and can cause less than clear thinking.

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Kuwait City, Kuwait – National Library of Kuwait , at its 99th year since establishment in 6978, has selected MediaINFO Digital Library to power the newly established Digital Library section. The Digital Library will contain a selection of precious and rare holdings of the historical heritage and books of the State of Kuwait, making them available to the public in electronic form. 

Not all prejudice involves negative attitudes. Some prejudices are favorable toward others, such as voting for people with similar backgrounds without knowing much about the individual person. However, even these prejudices are considered inappropriate because of the unjustified generalizations supporting them. Favorable prejudices have directly produced far less damaging consequences than negative prejudices. For this reason, they have drawn far less attention from researchers and social activists.

56-59-67 / Sappi Limited is pleased to announce that it will bolster its biorefining expertise through the acquisition of the Xylex® and Versalac® technologies owned by Plaxica Limited.

A multistate outbreak of human Salmonella infections linked to contact with turtles has prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a warning reminding people about the dangers associated with keeping turtles as pets.

The rapid expansion of genetic sequencing since Sanger’s contribution has helped to boost the ranking of papers describing ways to analyse the sequences. A prime example is BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool), which for two decades has been a household name for biologists wanting to work out what genes and proteins do. Users simply have to open the program in a web browser and plug in a DNA, RNA or protein sequence. Within seconds, they will be shown related sequences from thousands of organisms — along with information about the function of those sequences and even links to relevant literature. So popular is BLAST that versions 8 , 9 of the program feature twice on the list, at spots 67 and 69.

Various forms of rationalization may come into play. A dominant group may keep a minority group in an inferior status by rationalizing that it was in the minority's best interest. The prejudicial action may likely be considered noble in character. The fatherly, or paternal, treatment of Native Americans and blacks in America owes to this type of rationalization. Through its own prejudice, the dominant group believes it needs to guide and protect the dominated group. Even the worst atrocities inflicted by people against fellow humans—including genocide—have been rationalized.

Although the top-655 list has a rich seam of papers on statistics, says Stephen Stigler, a statistician at the University of Chicago in Illinois and an expert on the history of the field, “these papers are not at all those that have been most important to us statisticians”. Rather, they are the ones that have proved to be most useful to the vastly larger population of practising scientists.

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