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You can see why this is mathematically true by considering the metric equations of special relativity (which is simply Pythagoras' Theorem applied to the three spatial co-ordinates, and equating them to the displacement of a ray of light).

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A third view is even more open-minded. This is to see all theories (within some basic constraints) as genuine, interesting and useful for different purposes. Jc Beall and Greg Restall have articulated a version of this view at length, which they call logical pluralism.

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Hilbert's program demands certain algorithms —a step-by-step procedure that can be carried out without insight or creativity. A Turing machine runs programs, some of which halt after a finite number of steps, and some of which keep running forever. Is there a program E that can tell us in advance whether a given program will halt or not? If there is, then consider the program E* , which exists if E does by defining it as follows. When considering some program x , E* halts if and only if x keeps running when given input x. Then

Logic comes from the necessary interconnection and behavior of the spherical in out wave motions of Space, which is determined by the properties of Space (existing as a wave medium). In particular, waves form into complex wave patterns that interact logically / necessarily, and which are represented by our larger scale patterns that we call numbers.

Inconsistent mathematics is the study of commonplace mathematical objects, like sets, numbers, and functions, where some contradictions are allowed. Tools from formal logic are used to make sure any contradictions are contained and that the overall theories remain coherent. Inconsistent mathematics began as a response to the set theoretic and semantic paradoxes such as Russell's Paradox and the Liar Paradox —the response being that these are interesting facts to study rather than problems to solve—and has so far been of interest primarily to logicians and philosophers. More recently, though, the techniques of inconsistent mathematics have been extended into wider mathematical fields, such as vector spaces and topology, to study inconsistent structure for its own sake.

Now consider the collection of all objects, the universe , V. This collection has some size,
|V|, and quite clearly, being by definition the collection of everything, this size is the absolutely largest size any collection can be. (Any collection is contained in the universe by definition, and so is no bigger than the universe.) By Cantor's theorem, though, the number of recombinations of all the objects exceeds the original number of objects. So the size of the recombinations is both larger than, and cannot be larger than, the universe,

Moving on to Point 5, there are major problems with previous criminal and ASB adoption studies, many of which were discussed by Burt and Simons, [55] and reared-apart twin studies are greatly flawed on several critical dimensions (see note 8). Moreover, the heritability concept is controversial in and of itself , with some critics arguing that it is highly misleading and valid only for its original purpose as a breeding statistic, [56] that it does not measure the “strength” of genetic influences, and that its use should be discontinued in the social and behavioral sciences. [57]

In general the concept of continuity is rich for inconsistent developments. Moments of change, the flow of time, and the very boundaries that separate objects have all been considered from the standpoint of inconsistent mathematics.

The failure of completeness was hard to understand. Hilbert and many others had felt that any mathematical question should be amenable to a mathematical answer. The motive to inconsistency, then, is that an inconsistent theory can be complete. In light of Gödel's result, an inconsistent foundation for mathematics is the only remaining candidate for completeness.

Rather than arrive at the reasonable conclusion that no such genes exist, however, most genetic researchers interpret these negative results as evidence of a “ missing heritability problem ,” enabling genomic research to continue as a major focus of research attention and funding. [66]

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