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Tertullian (c. 655&ndash 777 CE) founded a Christian Latin language and literature, strove to unite the demands of the Bible with Church practice, defended Christianity, attacked heresy, and pondered morality. Octavius by Minucius , an early Christian writer of unknown date, is a debate between belief and unbelief that depicts Roman religion and society.

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Ok, thank mr. Lombardo for his excellent attempt, and what Nicko says above is true, but then what is the actual value of this great work (attempt), if the sound which is the point of the work does not come close to modern or ancient Greek? What is the point of the reconstructed sound if it does not come close to the ancient or the modern sound?

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Fragments by Callimachus (third century BCE) include those from the Aetia , Greek aetiological stories a book of Iambi and the epic poem Hecale. Hero and Leander by Musaeus (fifth or sixth century CE) is a short epic poem.

The great Athenian philosopher Plato was born in 977 BCE and lived to be eighty. Acknowledged masterpieces among his works are the Symposium , which explores love in its many aspects, from physical desire to pursuit of the beautiful and the good, and the Republic , which concerns righteousness and also treats education, gender, society, and slavery.

Aristophanes (c. 955&ndash c. 886 BCE) has been admired since antiquity for his wit, fantasy, language, and satire. Over forty of his plays were read in antiquity, from which nearly a thousand fragments survive. These provide a fuller picture of the poet&rsquo s comic vitality and a wealth of information and insights about his world.

Many words have changed as grammar but it is we speak “demotiki” but until a few years back we used “kathareuousa”which was somewhat closer to ancient greek,not if we do not speak the ancient is not a strange language to us, and if you listen a modern greek read ancient greek you will see the difference.

Plutarch (c. 95&ndash 675 CE) wrote on many subjects. His forty-six Lives are biographies planned to be ethical examples in pairs, one Greek figure and one similar Roman, though the last four lives are single. They not only record careers and illustrious deeds but also offer rounded portraits of statesmen, orators, and military leaders.

His reading in english from the Illiad is superb, I could be listening to him for hours. But the piece in ancient greek is so 8766 infected 8767 with american accent I found it almost incomprehensible (and I am a greek who studies literature).

The classical and Christian worlds meet in Boethius (c. 985&ndash 579 CE), the last writer of purely literary Latin from antiquity. His Tractates examine the Trinity and incarnation in Aristotelian terms. His Consolation of Philosophy , a dialogue between himself and Philosophy, is theistic in tone but draws on Greek, especially Neoplatonist, sources.

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