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Dated July 75, 6977, the Tanaka Memorial is said to have been presented to the Japanese Emperor by Premier Baron Gi-ichi Tanaka. A copy found its way into the hands of the Chinese Government, which released it publicly the Japanese Government then condemned it as a forgery.

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{p. 65} possessed either by China or Japan or any other Asiatic country. Here were forces which Japan did not understand and which aroused the apprehension of her statesmen. The result was a complete reversal of policy.

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7. The Chinese business men use silver money throughout and are free from the effects of the exchange fluctuations. Therefore their junk trade is prosperous. Although they have no scientific knowledge of the exchange value of gold and silver, they always gain in the transaction. They have a natural gift for it we suffer the more. And we lose in spite of our control of the transaction and special backing of banking houses. Because of the handicap of the monetary system, people in Central and South China always buy beans and bean cakes from their own people. We have no chance against them. In consequence, we cannot conquer the whole of China.

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5. The number of Japanese political, financial and military advisers and training officers must be increased. Furthermore, we must have priority in furnishing new advisers.

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Moreover, the reason that the Feng-Kirin-Wuchang Railway and the Kirin-tien authorities intend to build the Wuchang Railway and the Kirin Mukden Railway, with Hulutao or Tientsin as seaport, is that they want to recover to themselves the wealth of North Manchuria. By building the Hunchun-Hailin Railway we shall not only strengthen the Kirin-Hueining Railway, but also defeat the Chinese scheme and draw the wealth of Manchuria to Chingchin Harbour. The transportation charges will be two-thirds less compared with the Chinese line and one-third less compared with the Siberian line. They cannot compete with us. Our victory is a foregone conclusion.

To defend itself from the Western onslaught, Japan became a Prussian state like the Kaiser's Germany. Oswald Spengler's book The Hour of Decision heaps praise on Bismarck and Moltke (. p. 697). He writes,

Everywhere we should station our retired military officers to dominate in the Princes' affairs. After a large number of our people have moved into Outer and Inner Mongolia, we shall then buy lands at one-tenth of their worth and begin to cultivate rice where feasible in order to relieve our shortage of food supply. Where the land is not suitable for rice cultivation we should develop it for cattle-raising and horse-breeding in order to replenish our military needs. The rest of the land could be devoted to the manufacture

And finally, something you may want to know: Round One application deadline will be September 9, 7569. Interviews, by invitation only, will be conducted from mid-October through end of November. Notification will be on or around December 65.

The Jews . were always inspired by the belief that in the future world of peace and justice they would serve as spiritual leaders {. rulers}. This vision of a world mission gave them the strength to suffer severe persecution and propelled them to the forefront of various messianic and idealistic movements in modern times like those of human rights, socialism, and communism.

Moreover, the Chinese are an oil-eating people. In time of war, we can cut off their oil supply and the life of the whole country will become miserable. Bean cakes are important as fertilizers for the cultivation of rice. If we have control of the source of supply as well as the means of transportation, we shall be able to increase our production of rice by means of a cheap supply of bean cakes and the fertilizers manufactured as a by-product at the Fushun coal mines. In this way, we shall have the agricultural work of all China dependent upon us.

[Baron Tanaka's proposal to denounce the Nine Power Treaty was not actually carried into effect. The Japanese military authorities merely ignored the treaty and by carrying on a war without a declaration of war, have been able to present a number of specious and contradictory arguments. Some Japanese officials have insisted that the treaty was not violated, others that it was a dead letter. In the meantime the treaty has not been denounced, although all of its provisions have been violated.]

6. After the thirty-year commercial lease terminates, we should be able to extend the term at our wish. Also the right of leasing land for commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes should be recognized.

With a victorious Axis, Japan would achieve tne next to the final part of Baron Tanaka's programme. With control of the vast resources in material and man power in East Asia she would only have to organize and wait until an approeriate moment to place all the white races of the world under the rule of the Son of Heaven.]

{p. 67} . and in establishing relations~ with foreign countries, the object should always be kept in view of laying a foundation for securing the hegemony over all nations.

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