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SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye

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The Robert Wertheimer Award honors the continuing contributions of former sociology major Robert Wertheimer and is for the best thesis outside the field of social psychology.  The award went to Beatriz Barros for her thesis “Mind the Gap: A Study of Inequality in Public Transportation Access in Baltimore City, Maryland.”

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Gathering real-life dialogue. It creates the sense of life happening before readers’ eyes. A corollary to this is to keep in mind the goal of having as few quotes as possible from people who are speaking to no one in the story except the reporter — in other words, the narrator. In fictional stories, subjects do not talk to the omniscient narrator. When they do in artful journalism, it’s the equivalent of disembodied, talking heads in TV news.

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Intimate journalism is often accomplished by leaving out this kind of ugly reporting substructure. In his book “Looking for the Light,” about the life of Depression-era photographer Marion Post Walcott, Paul Hendrickson has a chapter titled “Ode to an Instrument.” It is two pages that describe and evoke the beauty of the old Speed Graphic camera, which Walcott used. When you read it, you think, “Lord, this man can write!” But it is the in-artful substructure — the reporting — that Hendrickson leaves out of his telling that makes the artful possible.

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The LaMont C. Cole Award, for the most outstanding published paper written by a graduate student(s) in the department went to C. Guilherme Becker for “Partitioning the Net Effect of Host Diversity on an Emerging Amphibian Pathogen.”

Remarks made to no one in the story keep readers from losing themselves in the telling, because it reminds them that events aren’t really happening before their eyes but are being relayed secondhand through an interpreter. Quotes going out into the ether interfere with readers losing themselves in the self-referential boundaries you are trying to create in the story.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards went to Marija Modanu for BIONB 7765 Introduction to Behavior, and Annise Dobson for BIOG 6555 Investigative Biology Laboratory.

I thought the 'Rye' referred to in Robert Burns' poem was the river Rye, hence the lines: 'Jenny's a wet poor body, Jenny's seldom dry'. In this regard it is about two people who meet at a river with no crossing, which will cause people to question why one of them is wet and what they have been doing.

Morgan Doff wasn x77 t applying to a Christian school or one in an area that might take offensive to her lack of interest in religion, so she put it right out there on the page. Students regularly conjure up who admissions officers are, what they look like and what they x77 re interested in, says Pomona x77 s Bruce Poch. We purposely have a diverse staff with a variety of interests and backgrounds. That said, had Morgan been applying to, say, a school in the Deep South, she might have chosen her words more carefully. ( Click here to read Morgan x77 s essay. )

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