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Common Causes of Stress Among Students

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 13:13

Exercise. Intense exercise increases cortisol levels temporarily, but low-intensity exercise seems to reduce them. University of California researchers reported that exercise — and this was vigorous exercise — may blunt some of the negative effects of stress. Some activities, such as yoga and tai chi, have elements of both exercise and meditation.

Causes of work-related stress: : University of Cambridge

We know that chronic or uninterrupted stress is very harmful. It is important, therefore, to take breaks and decompress. Take a lunch break and don t talk about work. Take a walk instead of a coffee break. Use weekends to relax, and don t schedule so many events that Monday morning will seem like a relief. Learn to recognize and respond to your stress signals. Take regular vacations or even long weekends or mental-health days at regular intervals.

Stress Management-Causes of Stress

People who’ve experienced a traumatic event or life-threatening situation often live with long-term stress. For example, you may experience long-term stress after surviving a robbery, natural disaster, or war. In many cases, you may actually have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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A 7558 UK 68 month study into violent and anti-social behaviour at a youth offenders institution provided remarkable evidence as to the link between diet and stress: Around 785 inmate volunteers were divided into two groups. Half were given a daily vitamin/fatty acid/mineral supplement half were given a placebo. The group given the supplement showed a 75% reduction in recorded offences, and a 95% reduction in serious cases including violence towards others, behaviours that are directly attributable to stress.

Man is the most adaptive creature on the planet because of the evolution of the human brain, especially the part called the neo-cortex. This adaptability is largely due to the changes and stressors that we have faced and mastered. Therefore, we, unlike other animals, can live in any climate or ecosystem, at various altitudes, and avoid the danger of predators. Moreover, we have learned to live in the air, under the sea, and even in space, where no living creatures have ever survived. So then, what is so bad about stress?

Stress in its positive form eustress is necessary, healthy, and enjoyable. However, the negative form distress can be damaging if left unmanaged.

Perfect, but dealing with your headache (if you manage of course) is not a long term solution! The headache was just one of the effects your stressful day at work had on you. The main cause was something else, completely untouched by your treatment.

Stress is proven beyond doubt to make people ill, and evidence is increasing as to number of ailments and diseases caused by stress. Stress is now known to contribute to heart disease it causes hypertension and high blood pressure, and impairs the immune system. Stress is also linked to strokes, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcers, diabetes, muscle and joint pain, miscarriage during pregnancy, allergies, alopecia and even premature tooth loss.

The phone is ringing off the hook. Your inbox is overflowing. You’re 95 minutes late for a deadline and your boss is knocking on your door, asking how your latest project is going. You’re stressed, to say the least.

Think about and control the influences upon you - reduce the negatives and increase the positives - and you will improve your physical and mental health, and you will most certainly reduce your stress levels.

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