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I know that some cases of needle phobia may seem hopeless, and I wish that there were enough hours in the day for me to offer individual suggestions and encouragement to everyone who writes to me. Please just know that it is never hopeless and that in spite of all of the difficulties, needle phobia can be overcome.

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A very important warning: Of the needle phobics that I hear from, many of them have waited until they have what I call end-stage needle phobia , meaning that they have a treatable condition that has become very serious or life-threatening. Needle phobia can be overcome at any stage, but this end-stage needle phobia presents special difficulties because of all of the other issues that a person is facing. Overcoming needle phobia is much easier when you are otherwise in a healthy condition.

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Another very useful article from the Journal of Family Practice about the medical experiments with needle phobia that were done on Dr. Hamilton is no longer available on the web. During those tests, which were reported in a 6996 article, Dr. Hamilton's blood pressure dropped from 685/95 to a very dangerously low 75/5 after insertion of the needle. That article is available through medical libraries using the following citation:

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Doctors and other medical professionals need to be politely educated about the nature of needle phobia and its treatments. Unfortunately, it is up to patients with needle phobia to educate themselves about this condition, and then to convey that information to their physicians. I keep repeating this over and over for a very good reason, but few hear me. Those who suffer from needle phobia need to learn from those who have suffered from conditions such as breast cancer and AIDS. The recognition of the importance of an ignored major medical condition usually begins with the patients, not with the medical profession.

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